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Presenting Machaneh Lev Yehudi

Summer Machaneh 2014 has launched and this year promises to be the best Machaneh yet!! Don’t miss out and click here to sign up now! For more info click here or go to 


Winter with Bnei SA

To say that Bnei SA has been “acvtive” in 2014 is truly the understatement of the century! All around the country Bnei Akiva is making such an impact to the community with youth coming out in numbers to be a part of this amazing movement. So what have we been doing you may ask? See…


#85YearsOfBnei #BneiEquation

Lag Ba’Omer is not only Bnei Akiva’s 85th birthday, but it is also closely linked to Bnei Akiva’s ancient figure head, Rabbi Akiva. It is well known that one of the reasons why we have adopted customs of mourning during Sfirat Ha’Omer, is that Rabbi Akiva’s 24 000 students died because of baseless hatred. On…

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